Microsoft takes over GitHub: What does this mean for the crypto economy?

As was announced on Monday, June 5th, the software company Microsoft is digging deep into its pockets and buys the open source platform GitHub for 7.5 billion US dollars. Since many blockchain protocols, including the Bitcoin blockchain, manage their source code on GitHub, this purchase also has an impact on the crypto economy. Will things change in the future?

The open source platform GitHub is a very popular website among programmers. Here they can work together on projects and exchange ideas, the code base is available for everyone to view. This also maintains the feedback loop, since outsiders can view and comment on the codes. The platform is therefore particularly interesting for decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain projects.

Now the software giant Microsoft has also become aware of the successful platform. In order to stay with GitHub, the Seattle-based company is opening its pockets wide: it will pay 7.5 billion US dollars for the takeover by the end of the year. Microsoft is now turning to open source, after long relying on specially developed software applications. After all, Microsoft developers are also using the platform to exchange information and optimize codes.

Does the Bitcoin formula have an impact on the crypto economy?

There is no clear answer to this question. On the one hand, Bitcoin formula plays an important role, since a large part of the blockchain codes are located on GitHub. The platform’s focus on open source projects makes it very attractive, especially for decentralized distributed ledger technologies, to make the codes visible to everyone and to open their use to outsiders. In this respect, all changes in the Bitcoin formula network can also be felt by the blockchain projects.

On the other hand, a takeover does not automatically mean that Microsoft plans to change essential features of GitHub. On the contrary: Microsoft acquires the platform precisely because the company is currently so successful with its business model. Thus one would like to try not only to receive the product, but above all also to profit from the experience of GitHubs as an open source platform. This makes sense especially since Microsoft had finished its own open source experiment CodePlex last year.

Crypto scene not very enthusiastic about Bitcoin trader

Although for the Bitcoin trader probably not much will change in the near future, the crypto community already quickly became critical voices. Many users complain that they have not been asked, although the amount of code provided is the essential part of the website. Petitions have already been filed demanding the independence of the platform. Concentration of power and centralization are feared, in the coder scene Microsoft is mistrusted. However, one should also bear in mind that Bitcoin trader itself is not a decentrally organized platform.

The idea of using GitHub less in the future is actually being considered. Alex van de Sande from the Ethereum Foundation will be speaking on Twitter. There he notes that the centralized platform is not the same as a completely decentralized Git Repository. According to van de Sande, the reason why GitHub was able to establish itself as the number one platform in its field is the convenience that the centralized website brought with it. He describes the fact that Microsoft is now taking over this as a lesson.